TAGS: Hindu Teachingsmazing Scientific Reasons Behind Indian Traditions

Published on 10 Mar 2016
01.Significance of Namaste – Joining both palms together to greet.
02.Why do temples have bells?
03.Why do we visit temples?
04.Why do w worship idols?
05.Why are silk clothes preferred while doing pooja?
06.Why do Indian women wear bangles?
07.Why do Indian married women apply sindoor on their forehead?
08.Why do we apply henna on hands and feet?
09.Why do Indian women wear toering?
10.Why do Indian women apply kukmum on their forehead?
11.Why do Indian women pierce their ears?
12.Om – Pronunciation – Scientific Reasons and uses.
13.Why do we worship the tulsi plant?
14.Why do we worship the peepal tree?
15.Why are some trees considered sacred in India?
16.Why do we sit on the floor and eat?
17.Why do we start with spice and end with sweet?
18.Why do we fast?
19.Why do brahmins grow choti on their head?
20.Why do we touch the feet of elders?
21.Why should we not sleep with our head towards north?
22.Why do we shout in anger?
23.Why do we throw coins into a well?
24.Scientific Reasons behind the most common punishment?
25.Why is turmeric considered holy in India?