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For the raga in Hindustani classical music, see Bhairav (raga). For the 2001 film, see Bhairav (film).

Bhairav Statue at the British Museum
Destruction (guard god)
Affiliation Aspect of Shiva
Weapon Trishula
Consort Bhairavi
Mount Dog

Bhairava (Sanskrit: भैरव, “Terrible” or “Frightful”,[1]), sometimes known as Bhairo or Bhairon or Bhairadya or Bheruji (In Rajasthan), Kaala Bhairavar(கால பைரவர்) or Vairavar (In Tamil), is the fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva associated with annihilation.[2] He is one of the most important deities of Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Nepal who originated in Hindu mythology and is sacred to Hindus, Buddhists and Jains alike.…Read More



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  1. This is a nice video. I am very much impressed and thank you for mailing me this link. Please keep up our traditon.
    Acharya Kolluru Avatara Sarma

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