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Rajagopuram-(Raja meaning king, Gopuram meaning, the edifice) literally as the very name implies means the “grand entrance tower of the temple.” The Rajagopuram is a tall pyramidal tower built at the entrance to a Hindu temple. It generally serves as the main entrance to the Hindu temple. They are usually five storeys tall, each with a pair of small cross-windows, which represent the five senses of human beings. The rajagopuram has meticulously crafted colorful sculptures of hundreds of idols, gods and goddesses on the lateral sides of the tower illustrating episodes from Hindu puranas.

In the old days the Rajagopuram was the tallest structure in the city. The Rajagopuram is a fine representation of Hindu temple architecture. It has many sculptures and decorations placed in it, meeting the requirements of a solid structure. When the deities are taken out of the temple, they leave and re-enter the temple via the Rajagopuram.