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Karaga (festival)
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Kargam is a folk dance of Tamil Nadu which originated as a ritual dedicated to Mariamman the goddess of health and rain. She is also the protector from the dreaded small pox and cholera. This ritual is performed in the month of August. The idol of Mariamman is carried in procession.
The ritual pot filled with water and adorned with decorations several feet high is carried by the priest. The dancers perform various acrobatic feats while following the procession accompanied by a number of musical instruments like ‘Thavil’, “Nadaswaram”, “Muni”, “Udukkai”, “Pambai”, etc.

Karaga festivities of Tamilnadu

The Karagam dance is very popular in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh (Garagalu) and Karnataka(Karaga). It is an eye catching item with the performer carrying decorated and vertically piled vessels on their heads and donning colourful costumes dancing in a lively manner to the tune of Nagaswaram and the rhythm of Thavil. It is popular in villages during temple festivals…read more