Vaikaasi Masam – Karthigai festival – Sri Raja Rajeswari Amman Temple _ Stoneleigh, UK – 15-05-2018

Benefits out of this Viratham:

This viratham will fetch you immense benefits like the clarity of thought, happiness in family, progeny, prosperity, overcoming the obstacles in life and several others. Therefore, a lot of people observe fasting on this day and pray Lord Muruga.
Also, this virtham was observed by Naradar Rishi as per the advice from Lord Ganesha for 12 months. Finally, at the 12th month, he gained his ambition and became the supreme power among the Sapta Rishis.
The story behind this viratham:
The six Karthika stars appeared in the form of Six damsels and took care of the babies to grow. When Lord Parvati came to the River Saravana where the six children were growing, she embraced all six together. And the six children turned into one boy with six heads.

As the Karthika stars played a vital role in bringing up the baby and were given immortal fame. Lord Muruga defeated the demons thoroughly and removes the miseries of all.