Vairavar Madai: An ancient ritual continues with a traditional touch in Jaffna
Lord Vairavar is one of the most terrifying aspects of Lord Siva. And, Lord Vairavar is also considered a God who safeguards villages and his devotees. He is the fierce manifestation of Lord Siva associated with annihilation. He is a folk deity who safeguards the devotee on all eight directions. Lord Vairavar himself has eight manifestations: Kala (black) Vairavar, Asitanga (with black limbs)Vairavar, Samhara (destruction)Vairavar, Ruru (hound) Vairavar, Krodha (anger)Vairavar, Kapala (Skull)Vairavar, Rudra (storm) Vairavar and Unmatta (raging) Vairavar.…..