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Purattasi or Purattasi Masam or Purattasi month is one of the auspicious months in Tamil calendar. It starts in mid September and ends in mid October. Purattasi masam 2011 starts on September 17 as per traditional Tamil calendar.
Purattasi Sani, Saturdays in Purattasi masam, are most auspicious days during which Purattasi Sani vratham is observed. There is a huge list of important festivals celebrated in the month of Puratasi. Durga Navaratri, Saraswati poojai, and Vijayadhasami are the auspicious days. Next month in Tamil calendar is Aippasi masam.
Important festivals’ date in Purattasi month 2010:
Purattasi 1st Saturday – Purattasi Sani – 17 September 2011
Navarathri 2010 starts –2 8 September 2011
Sri Saraswathi Poojai – 05 October 2011
Purattasi 5th Saturday – 15 October 2010
Vijayadhasami – 6 October 2011

It is believed that Shani’s gaze can spell disaster even to the most influential and powerful. Lord Ganesh getting an elephant’s head is attributed to Shani. He being the devotee of Lord Shiva was meditating in the Himalayas to be close to his Lord. When Parvati, Shiva’s consort, gave birth to Ganesh, she distributed sweets to Shiva’s ganas, – the hosts. Goddess Parvati asked Shani to have a look at the child and bless him. Shani kept his head down and sought forgiveness from seeing the child, pleading that his gaze was inauspicious. Parvati, being the great Lord’s consort, took no notice of this and asked him to bless the newborn. As soon as Shani lifted his head and looked at the child, the newborn’s head got blown off.

Another celebrated myth about Shani is mentioned in the Ramayana. When King Ravana succeeded in getting control over all the nine planets, he installed them face down on the nine steps that led to his throne. Each morning, he would step on their back to ascend his throne, causing insult and anguish to them. One day sage Narada came to Ravana, and upon seeing the state of the nine planets asked Shani, how as the mightiest and most terrible of the planets, he could bear this insult? Shani replied because he was lying face downward he was helpless, but if he could cast his gaze on Ravana, matters would change. After Narada was shown around the magnificent palace of Ravana the proud king wanted his opinion. The wise sage replied that everything was excellent at the palace of Ravana, except for one. ‘How can Ravana get the pleasure of subduing the nine planets when they were lying face downwards?’ he asked. It was better if they were lying with their faces upward so that when Ravana stepped over their chests, he could get the pleasure of seeing the discomfort on their faces. This suggestion appealed to the mighty king and he quickly ordered his staff to turn the nine planets around on their backs. As soon as that was done, Shani’s gaze fell on Ravana and his reason abandoned him. Within a few months he kidnapped Sita, the wife of Lord Rama that led to Lord Rama’s invasion of his kingdom. Ravana and his entire family were killed, and al this happened during the seven and half years cycle of Shani.

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